Membership info

Qualifications for membership:

The Supreme Council of the Order of the Crown of Thorns grants honors for signal service to Humanity to:

  • Heads of State, Religious, Political and Humanitarian leaders who, by their affiliation would lend dignity to the Order.
  • Persons who through their efforts promote the aims of the Order arousing the public to be benevolent to the ideals of Knighthood.
  • Persons who prove their dedication through service and by financially aiding the Order’s philanthropic causes or who have performed a great humanitarian act.

Meetings and Responsibilities

The Order has an annual investiture and banquet, usually in the spring.  Occasionally, an investiture will be planned in different cities around the country at other times when there is sufficient interest among members to host such an event.

The annual investiture is a solemn and formal occasion at which new members are welcomed into the fellowship of Knighthood and when all members renew friendships, enjoy fellowship and review the accomplishments of the charitable work of the previous year.  Families and guests are welcomed to these festive occasions.

There is no fee connected with accepting the invitation to Knighthood.  Each Knight or Dame is requested to make an annual oblation commensurate with his or her financial abilities, which is fully tax deductible under 501.c.10.

Additionally, each Knight and Dame is encouraged to make a contribution of his or time in service to a church, school, or other worthy charitable endeavor. If you accept the invitation to Knighthood, you will have the opportunity to recommend others who you feel are worthy of membership.


The ancient tradition of decoration is a vital part of an Order.  For centuries it has been a tradition to wear medals to distinguish outstanding leaders in all fields of endeavor.  The Badge of the Order is a white Jerusalem Cross surrounded by a gold crown of thorns with a shield of blue enamel with the monogram of Christ (Chi Rho) and the initials Alpha and Omega on each side of the monogram in the center.  The ribbon of the order is red silk bordered in white