About the Order

The Order of the Crown of Thorns was founded in the year 1308 by King San Luis of Felipe and was authorized to be re-established in 1880 by His Holiness Ignatius Petter III, the then Patriarch of the Apostolic See of Antioch.

The Order came to the United States in the 1920’s and was lead by several notable individuals.  However, it became dormant until the 1960’s when Rev. Dr. Edwin S. Malone, III, after having received the order and being appointed Legate, re-organized the Order and incorporated it as an independent organization patterning itself after the ancient orders of knighthood of the Middle Ages.

Dr. Malone re-wrote the Constitution to conform to the laws of a United States 501 (C) 10 Corporation and appointed new officers which assisted him in leading the organization in the spirit of Christian chivalry.

The current organization does not claim any unbroken lineage to the original Order, only takes its name and seeks to operate in its tradition.

The present leader of the Order of the Crown of Thorns is Prince Grand Master Jason M. Blair, shown at right.